Your carpet is…

…one of your most valuable possessions. It is warm in winter, cool in summer and has insulating qualities that save on high energy costs. It is comfortable to walk on, offers protection from slip and fall accidents and acoustically deadens harsh sounds. Factoring in inflation, carpet costs less today than thirty years ago making it a tremendous value.

Your carpet will…

…hold dust in suspension until vacuumed unlike hard floors that let the dust fly in the air you breathe. Carpet is far less expensive to maintain than a hard floor, cleans beautifully and will last until you are ready to redecorate.

Your carpet needs…

…occasional vacuuming with a good, upright vacuum cleaner and periodic professional care to protect your investment and keep it aesthetically pleasing.

External Extraction®

A whisper of vapor and a rush of air is all you hear inside your home. Bulky equipment remains in our truck to protect your walls and furnishings from damage. Our truck is quiet, too, and you will not disturb your neighbors.

The patented* Bane-Clene system heats cleaning solution to just the right, safe temperature to prevent harm to carpet fibers. Gentle, effective cleaning agents and pre-softened water-vapor loosens soil which is immediately extracted to ensure sparkling clean, residue-free carpets.

A sealed hose from the truck prevents spillage in your home. We don’t use your water or sewage facilities and never pump dirty water onto your lawn or driveway.

If you live in a high-rise we have special portable equipment suitable for every cleaning need.

*U.S. Patent Nos. 4,154,578 and 4,244,079

Special Services

Bane-Clene certified professionals have specially formulated spot removal solutions and techniques for blood, rust, red food dyes and other difficult stains to care for your carpet. We have special treatments for pet stains and odors. National brand soil and stain retardants are also available!

You can trust the Bane-Clene Way®

The Bane-Clene system is recognized by leading carpet makers as a safe, efficient and thorough method of carpet maintenance for all carpet fibers including wool.

Operators are trained and certified under the auspices of Bane-Clene Institute.

Dedicated to a standard of excellence.